Top 10 Popular Technology Websites

Top 10 Popular Technology Websites:As there are many technology blogs, where all the technical associated stuff is gathered. So, for getting all such technical associated stuff we need to review some of the top and we have gathered the top 10 most popular technology page where you can review them daily for trending stuff. 

Cnet: Cnet is all time the best technology website which offers reviews, videos, hands-on reviews of gadgets, pictures, tech news, and freeware software downloads and more than any technical website provides, since from its launch in 1994, it's been the best technology website till now.

Gsmarena: Gsmarena is the second most popular technology website, which affords technology reviews, prices of gadgets (smartphones, mobiles,gadget reviews, laptops, tablets etc.), full specifications of gadgets, comparison of gadgets etc. just type GSM in the Google search and you will tell why Gsmarena is so popular, even it is leading the Wikipedia for the "GSM" keyword, this shows it to be one of the best and most prevalent technology website out there.

Mashable: Mashable primarily emphases on social media since from itis launch in 2005, but it also centers on technology, video reviews regarding gadgets, gadget reviews, memes, web development etc., As per Time magazine mashable is one amongst the best 25 blogs in 2009, now it has an alexa rank of 227

we all know Yahoo! as a famous search engine early from 1990's and on Jan 2014, it launched its Yahoo! Tech website which is first of it's kind writing reviews purely based on human emphasis on the tech side! lot of us doesn't bother about what's the processor inside the phone or laptop, they just want to know whether it's working fastly or not! so it's Yahoo! Tech with a new idea on providing new kind of reviews and with My Tech feature you can personalise the products too!

Engadget: Engadgetis about allgadgets and consumer electronic goods with reviews of gadgets, video reviews etc., since itwas launched in 2004, it quickly extended in covering other topics regarding mobile phone reviews, tech news etc. and as per Time Magazine it is one of the best technology blog as of 2010 and now it takes an alexa rank of 475 now

Techcrunch:Techcrunchmainly efforts in providing material regarding software companies (IT companies) and had over 12 million exclusive visitors with 37 million page views per month, Techcrunch is also holding many symposia in order to provide a good platform for industry discussions and associations, now it has an alexa rank of 387

Tom's hardware:Tom's hardwareis a tech site mainly focuses on revising motherboards, computers, RAM's,graphic cards, storage devices,displays, etc. since it was started in 1996, it also writes articles about gadgets, price comparisons, video reviews on all the computer peripherals (hardware components). Tom's hardware site is it provides suppleness for users in making their own computer with its "Build your Own" feature

Gizmodo: Gizmodois all about technology and gadgets, it write in depth investigation of a device, video reviews regarding them, evaluation of gadgets, covering the conferences regarding technology,latest technology news, etc. it is a part of Gawker Media and holds an alexa rank of 483 now is mainly relatesand covers everything regarding science and technology since 1997, its slogan is "news for nerds, stuff that matters"

Lifehacker: Lifehacker shields everything about windows, Mac, linux, Ios, android etc. and offers tips and tricks on how to use them in a proper manner, the keyslogan of the Lifehacker is "Tips & downloads for getting things done" and it's been providing tricks and tips about gadgets since 2005 and it is also owned by Gawker Media and holds an alexa rank of 415
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Best Ways to Make Money from Home

Best Ways to Make Money from Home: Many people dream of working from home, because this technique offers many benefits. First, it allows growing revenue, save time and money, being more or less resistant to pressure and to better manage work life and private life. Many jobs are likely to be at home, be it translation, word processors, sales home and others some of the job are given below. 

Translator: As it is one of the most wanted after jobs, the translator of particular interest to those who are in master the perfection of one or more foreign languages. The most common languages ​​in the area are English, German, Spanish or Italian. It is occasionally easier to find a job when a language a little less common is known. 

Home sales:Home sales are one of the most well-known jobs for working at home options. There are several kinds which mostly direct sales and sales through associate. For the first case, you make the sale and transfer yourself. The sale may be in this case is for your own description or on behalf of a third party. In the second case, you sell the products of a company and it is she who is responsible for delivery.

Tele marketing: Tele marketing is the best way. There are other types of sales such as salethrough online or telephone sales. This system permits telemarketers to be in direct relationship with the customer, where the profits are many: distance without moving at a price of low cost. 
Remote Clint Service:Remote Clint Serviceis another type of work at home is possible customer service. The principle of customer home service is simple; it is to respond to customer calls. They wish to order from lists or television commercials. Customer service at home is a niche market.

Writing home:Writing has become a capable market for homework. Content writing web page is the one that knows the most effective in drafting. For many people, this is the one that best costumes the activity at home. There is also the work of copy writing or rewriting articles. 

Transcription jobs:Transcription jobs are increasingly day by day. This is a process which is to type in text in a previously-recorded audio or video document. These locationsare requiring extensive experience, especially because they deal with more complex areas such as law and medicine. For a trained person, this job is easily accessible.

Corrector: Corrector is the job can be done perfectly at home, particularly for people who have mastered in French and spelling. It consists in reading texts and corrects them before handing it over to his employer; he may be press articles, books or articles web pages. 

Other home jobs: many jobs are available to the people who are intended to do job from home, so you can select any one of the above mention job and you can do from home without worry.
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IBPS CWE PO / Management Trainee Examinations 2014-15 An Authentic Guide at

IBPS CWE PO / Management Trainee Examinations-An Authentic Guide: you can buy this book for 256/- on Paytm. The actual price of this book 365/- but on Paytm we can buy for only 256/-. Author of this book is Sachchida Nand Jha this book is useful for all Bank, IBPS, PO, CLERK, SBI aspirants. The Product Code of this book is 9789382732471_20563 on orders you can get this book on 3 to 4 days. You can shop for Rs. 400 or above and use Promo code BOOKS50 to get 50% cash back on total order value (maximum cash back offer is Rs. 300. 3 orders is maximum for per

IBPS CWE PO / Management Trainee Examinations Books Online Shopping Offers 

IBPS CWE PO / Management Trainee Examinations 2014-15 An Authentic Guide
So all the Students get this discount offer are available at bellow link like this 

Features of this book: it has different topics likegeneral awareness, reasoning (verbal), logical sequence of words, analogy, coding-decoding, direction sense test, alpha-numeric sequence test, number ranking and time sequence test, mathematical operations, puzzle test
syllogism, inserting the missing character, data sufficiency, reasoning (Non-Verbal), series, analogysquares, cubes and indices, decimal fractions, HCF and LCM, ratio, partnership, problems on ages.
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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 Discount Offers Updates at

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 is now available 700/-, actual price of this product is 1099 but if you order through Paytm you can get exactly 30% discount so that you can save 399/- so order now and get the exciting offer. The Product Code KASPERSKY_3U1Y_NULL_NULL_2019

Features of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015:

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 will help to protect you against the latest malware attacks. Get security that won’t compromise performance. It provides antivirus protection and application control.
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 Discount Offers Updates at paytm.comTh
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Media Format CD-ROM or DVD-ROM 
Model Id 3ju1y 
Number of Users 3
Version 2015 
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Subscription 1 Year 

Order now to get this product at 700/- and this product is usually delivered within 2 to 4 days.
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Current Affairs 2014 for IBPS Exam Students Today Updates

Current Affairs 2014 for IBPS Exam Students Today Updates
1. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), is a trade and investment agreement under negotiationbetween the?
1. EU and US 
2. EU and India 
3. WTO and India 
4. EU and China

2. Which among the following three countries of Africa have recently decided to create a regional force to combat Militant Islamist group Boko Haram? 
1. Chad, Niger and Cameroon 
2. Chad, Kenya and Niger 
3. Kenya, Cameroon and Niger 
4. Niger, Chad and Cameroon

3. Who among the following is the current Chair of the Federal Reserve, United States? 
1. Ben Bernanke 
2. John Williams 
3. Robert Parry
4. Janet Yellen 

4. The “Operation Protective Edge” is an ongoing military conflict between ___? 
1. Israel and Hamas 
2. Ukraine and Russia 
3. China and Vietnam
4. Philippines and China 

5. Every year the Nobel prizes other than the Peace Prize are awarded at__? 
1. Oslo 
2. New York
3. Stockholm 
4. London 

6. Which of the following communities got minority status on January 2014?
1. Jat
2. Bengali
3. Jain
4. None of these

7. Name the country which approved new constitution on January 2014?
1. Turkey
2. Sudan
3. Bhutan
4. Egypt

8. The newly approved Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project will be implemented with the assistance of -
1. United Nation
2. World Bank
3. IMF
4. ADB

9. Budget Estimates for 2014-15 Project Fiscal Deficit of GDP is
1. 2.9%
2. 4.1%
3. 3.2%
4. 3.9%

10.Pro-Russian activists of Donetsk in April 2014 proclaimed their independence from -
1. Ukraine
2. Russia
3. China
4. North Korea

11. India’s Prakash Nanjappa, is associated with which of the following sports/events? 
1. Boxing
2. Shooting
3. Squash 
4. Badminton

12. The Part X of the Indian constitution deals with____? 
1. Union Territories 
2. Scheduled & Tribal areas 
3. Relation between Union & States
4. Elections

13. Indian Navy commissioned its first Advanced Light Helicopter Squadron at Kochi in November 2013. What is the name of the helicopter?
1. Chetak
2. Dhruv
3. Rudra
4. Cheetah

14. What was the name of the Official Mascot of Bazil 2014 World Cup Football?
1. Fuleco
2. Goleo
3. Pille
4. Clyde

15. What is the name of the Official Mascot of Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Game?
1. Fuleco
2. Clyde
3. Goleo
4. Zakumi

16. The newly appointed Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) is -
1. R. K. Tewari
2. K. V. Chowdary
3. Debasish Mallick
4. David Rasquinha

17. The recently book "Half Girlfriend" is written by -
1. Kaavya Viswanathan
2. Chetan Bhagat
3. Vikram Seth
4. Anita Desai

18. Who many countries participated in Common Wealth Games-2014
1. 71
2. 64
3. 82
4. 90

19. How many gold medals did India won in Common Wealth Games-2014
1. 64
2. 15
3. 52
4. 25

20. A new central Agricultural University is going to be set up in Uttar Pradesh at -
1. Amethi
2. Sultanpur
3. Jhansi
4. Shahjahanpur
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Current Affairs for Bank Exams IBPS Aspirants 2014

Current Affairs for Bank Exams IBPS Aspirants 2014 and all latest Current Affairs for Bank Exams latest updates .
1. Name the team that won the seventh edition of Indian Premier League 2014 on 1 June 2014? KOLKATHA NIGHT RIDERS 

2. The bilateral air exercise Garurda V that started in Jodhpur on 2 June 2014 was conducted between which two countries? INDIA AND FRANCE

3. Name the former guerrilla commander who became the President of El Salvador on 1 June 2014? SALVADOR SANCHEZ CEREN

4. The last Navajo code talker Chester Nez died on 4 June 2014 in his home at Albuquerque, New Mexico. This unbreakable Navajo code was first used in? WORLD WAR-II

5. Name the nation that formed National Unity Government on 2 June 2014? PALESTINE

6. India on 3 June 2014 made arrangements for evacuation of its nationals, especially students, from Lugansk region. Lugansk is located in which country? UKRAINE

7. The Supreme Court of India on January 13, 2014 directed the Government of India to place the report of a Commission on illegal mining in Odisha and Jharkhand. Name the commission whose report has been asked to be presented? Justice Shah Commission

8. What is Impulse 2 which made its inaugural flight in the first week of June 2014? A SOLAR PLANE

9. Name the State that recently established women helpline in each district? UTTAR PRADESH

10. Which nuclear power plant on 8 June 2014 became the first nuclear power plant to generate 1000 MWe? KUNDAKULAM

11.According to a United Nations latest report India has the sixth highest prevalence of child marriage in the world. As per the report country with highest number child marriage is ___? NIGER

12. How long will Hyderabad act as a joint-capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh? 10 YEARS

13. The women singles title of French Open 2014 was won by Maria SHARAPOVA OF RUSSIA

14. Telangana became the 29th State of Union India on 2ND JUNE 2014.

15. Palestinian National Unity Government formed on 2 June 2014 will be headed by RAMA HAMADULLAH

16. Rafael Nadal of Spain on 8 June 2014 won the French Open 2014 for record NINTH TIME

17. Which of the following satellites is designed for oceanographic studies? SARAL

18. One Life is not enough is an autobiography of NATWAR SINGH

19. Which is the world's largest gold producer? CHINA 

20. Indian Air Force in recently explored an unclimbed peak of Mt Gorichen at a height of 5587 meters. Name the State where Mt Gorichen is located? ARUNACHAL PRADESH 
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Moto G Price in India-Moto G Review and Price Latest Updates

Moto G Price in India-Moto G Review Latest Updates:Motorola Moto G is the latest version which was available at almost all stores across India and you can also see shops selling Motorola Moto G   16gbin Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Pune and Thane we are considering to expand to Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad shortly. Motorola Moto G has the best operating system of android (4.3) upgradable to: v4.4 (KitKat) and it is touch screen version with 1.2, qualcomm snapdragon 400, cortex-A7, quad-core of 1GB Ram, it is best suit for micro sim i.e. it is a dual sim with network type of gsm and has body dimensions of 129.9 x 65.9 x 11.6 mm with 143 gm of weight. It has much connectivity like blue tooth, GPRS, 3G, Radio, USB port, WIFI. Extra befits: it has several befits such as internal storage of 16GB, primary and secondary camera with 5MP, HD video recording 720 p with auto focus and flash light along with battery type of non-removable lithium-Ion, 2070 mah.

Moto G Price in India-Moto G Review and Price 

Moto G Price in IndiaMoto G is an entry-level smartphone from the google owned phone maker Motorola. Having departure markets like India in the past before the purchase, this will mark the company’s re-entry with Moto G starts selling from January 2014. The Moto G comes in colorful rearmost shells that are replaceable. It is a 4.5-inch 1280 x 720 pixel LCD touchscreen mobile with four cores running at 1.2 GHz each. This is a 3G enabled handset can deliver the speeds of up to 21 Mbps and has Wi-Fi 802.11 in and with Bluetooth 4.0 support. It is a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with an LED flash at the back side, escorted by a 1.3 MP front-facing camera and this can record videos in 720 p HD. There is a 2070 m Ah non-removable battery which Motorola estimates can deliver an “all day battery life”. The Moto G is said to have a striking price point for the features offered and hopefully under the Rs. 15,000 mark for the higher 16 GB capacity model that you're looking right now.

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AP SSC 10th Class New Syllabus 2014 Available at,

AP SSC 10th Class New Syllabus 2014 Available at, AP SSC/10th Class New Syllabus Text Books from 2014-2015 sinking Telugu, English, Hindi, Math’s,Chemistry,Social, Physics, Biology Text Books are in 8 subjects for English&Telugu Mediums. Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education/SSC has changed the Syllabus for 10th class; New Syllabus subjects are applicable from 2014-15 academic year. First time in Board of Secondary Education history after 1996 the Syllabus for 10th class/SSC has changed for both English medium and Telugu medium. Formerly 10th class syllabus comprises of 6 subjects include 3 languages (Telugu, Hindi, English) and 3 group subjects (Math’s, Science, Social).

AP SSC 10th Class New Syllabus 2014 Complete Details

SSC/10th class New Syllabus: SSC/10th class syllabus for the all subjects has changed for Languages like Telugu, Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit, etc. and for group subjects like Math’s, Social, Physical Science, Chemistry, Biology, formerly the syllabus for 10th class has changed in the academic year 1996 after that is the first time we observing changes in 10th class syllabus for the academic year 2014-15. SSC/10th class Students will get the new syllabus text books from next academic year on-wards and taking all primitive steps to link up the syllabus with the present Inter Syllabus/Subjects, SSC board is going to distribute the new text books to the students from next academic year.

Objective of new Syllabus for AP SSC 10th Class New Syllabus 2014

The new syllabus for 10th class is designed with the help of Central University Hyderabad, The National Education Research and Training Institute, Vidya Bhavan Society of Maharashtra and Akalavya Institute(Madhya Pradesh),the board of secondary education has taken their cooperation for preparation of this new syllabus and the process has completed by December 2013 and bought new look to all subjects Particularly pointing the Math’s, Science subjects which has a high standards at 10th class. The main objective of preparing new syllabus text books is to avoid by-heart system and want to bring out the hidden talent of Students, This pattern new syllabus text books will test and encourage Students ability, soft skills, group discussion, Project works,quiz and Field observations between Students. Group subjects like Physics, chemistry, Math’s text books will increase the creativity, questioning ability, logical thinkingnes and different ways of problem solving etc. and did not feel new in Intermediate.

 The new syllabus text books consists of nearly 20 to 40 papers of each subject and the new text books are printing in the Bieap Official printing press and available to the students in the market for 2014-2015 pursuing batch. for more updates for AP SSC 10th Class New Syllabus 2014 Available at,
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