Current Affairs for Bank Exams IBPS Aspirants 2014

Current Affairs for Bank Exams IBPS Aspirants 2014 and all latest Current Affairs for Bank Exams latest updates .
1. Name the team that won the seventh edition of Indian Premier League 2014 on 1 June 2014? KOLKATHA NIGHT RIDERS 

2. The bilateral air exercise Garurda V that started in Jodhpur on 2 June 2014 was conducted between which two countries? INDIA AND FRANCE

3. Name the former guerrilla commander who became the President of El Salvador on 1 June 2014? SALVADOR SANCHEZ CEREN

4. The last Navajo code talker Chester Nez died on 4 June 2014 in his home at Albuquerque, New Mexico. This unbreakable Navajo code was first used in? WORLD WAR-II

5. Name the nation that formed National Unity Government on 2 June 2014? PALESTINE

6. India on 3 June 2014 made arrangements for evacuation of its nationals, especially students, from Lugansk region. Lugansk is located in which country? UKRAINE

7. The Supreme Court of India on January 13, 2014 directed the Government of India to place the report of a Commission on illegal mining in Odisha and Jharkhand. Name the commission whose report has been asked to be presented? Justice Shah Commission

8. What is Impulse 2 which made its inaugural flight in the first week of June 2014? A SOLAR PLANE

9. Name the State that recently established women helpline in each district? UTTAR PRADESH

10. Which nuclear power plant on 8 June 2014 became the first nuclear power plant to generate 1000 MWe? KUNDAKULAM

11.According to a United Nations latest report India has the sixth highest prevalence of child marriage in the world. As per the report country with highest number child marriage is ___? NIGER

12. How long will Hyderabad act as a joint-capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh? 10 YEARS

13. The women singles title of French Open 2014 was won by Maria SHARAPOVA OF RUSSIA

14. Telangana became the 29th State of Union India on 2ND JUNE 2014.

15. Palestinian National Unity Government formed on 2 June 2014 will be headed by RAMA HAMADULLAH

16. Rafael Nadal of Spain on 8 June 2014 won the French Open 2014 for record NINTH TIME

17. Which of the following satellites is designed for oceanographic studies? SARAL

18. One Life is not enough is an autobiography of NATWAR SINGH

19. Which is the world's largest gold producer? CHINA 

20. Indian Air Force in recently explored an unclimbed peak of Mt Gorichen at a height of 5587 meters. Name the State where Mt Gorichen is located? ARUNACHAL PRADESH 
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